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Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers | A Review and How to Maintain

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers | A Review and How to Maintain

If you spend any time in the Australian bush you need a pair of Fjallraven Vidda Pro trousers. In this video, Chris provides a run down of the features plus a quick guide on how to maintain and wax your trousers.

Durable G-1000 material allows for customisation of water resistance and breathability with the use of Fjallraven's Greenland wax. Plus, for extra breathability there is a vented option for those spending time in warmer climates. Hardwearing areas like the knees and rear feature a double layer of G-1000 for extra durability. They are the most functional pair of pants you'll ever own with six practical pockets, expertly designed to allow for storage without adding bulk. Vidda Pro's and Vidda Pro Vented's are available in men's and women's sizes each with different length options.

Shop Fjallraven Vidda Pro's:

Men's Vidda Pro Trousers

Men's Vidda Pro Vented Trousers

Women's Vidda Pro Trousers

Women's Vidda Pro Vented Trousers

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