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The Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing in Australia

The Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing in Australia

Our guide Mickey Finn teaches the art of fly fishing, from the basics like the rod and reel to choosing a fly and how to fish different bodies of water. Whether you're a curious beginner or an aspiring angler, this series is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel on the water. Starting with the rod! Learn about what makes a fly rod different to a spin rod and how to buy a fly rod.

Now that you're across the fly rod and have a good understanding of how it works it's time to get into the fly line, arguably the most important part of your fly fishing system. Mickey explains the importance of fly line, fly line weight and the all important taper.

In part 3 of the 'Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing' we get into reels, i.e., the middle child of the fly fishing set-up. What is an arbor? What size reel do you need? Why is a reel important? Great questions! Watch and let our guide Mickey explain everything you need to know about fly reels.

In part 4 of our beginners guide to fly fishing, Mickey explains the terminal end of your fly fishing rig, from connecting a leader, to tippet, to tying your first fly on. Leaders, tippet and knots are an essential part of fly fishing to understand and master, Mickey brilliantly explains all three in this video!

Presented by Mickey Finn, filmed and edited by Pat Ryan

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