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Pat and Dom Do Blowering Dam | Hike, Fly Fish and Camp

Pat and Dom Do Blowering Dam | Hike, Fly Fish and Camp

Pat and Dom are two keen outdoorsmen and keen fly fishermen who are bursting with infectious humour and charismatic energy. Most importantly, they are beloved staff members here at Tom's Outdoors. In this video, the first of its kind, Pat and Dom knock-off early and head out into the wild foreshore of Blowering Dam. The inaugural Moondance Olympics is held, interesting beverage choices are made and while fish aren't caught, good times are had.

If you're local or know the area, you'll be aware that you don't have to strap all your gear to your back in order to spend the night at Blowering. There are many campsites where you can camp directly out of your vehicle. However, Blowering Dam is in fact three times the size of Sydney Harbour which leaves a lot of foreshore to be explored. Hence, Pat and Dom feel the best campsites and the best adventures are the ones off the beaten track and a little out of the way.

Filmed and edited by Dean Johnson

Pat and Dom ready to go fly fishing at Blowering Dam

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