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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!
Chris and Jimmy paddling and fly fishing down the Goobarragandra river on Kokopelli packrafts

Packrafting and Fly Fishing the Lower Goobarragandra River

The beauty of packrafting is that it grants the ability to discover unexplored and untouched areas. Tree blocking the river? Pick up your raft and carry it around any obstacle that stands in the way. Jimmy and Chris do just that as they take their first voyage down the lower section of the Goobarragandra River on their beloved Kokopelli packrafts. With new water comes new fishing opportunities. So the fly rods come out for a fish along the way.

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Filmed by Dean Johnson and Pat Ryan

Edited by Pat Ryan

Featuring Chris Russell and Jimmy Barwick

Jimmy and Chris getting ready to paddle and fly fish down the Goobarragandra River

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