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Camping at Old Currango Homestead in Kosciuszko National Park

Top 5 Hikes in Northern Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park is home to an abundance of stunning hikes, particularly in the Northern end of the park, close to our home here in Tumut. We may be biased, but this end of the National Park has some incredible hidden gems. While they may be lesser known amongst the well-known hikes along the Main Range, we think they are just as special.

Before you set off on your hike, ensure you have the appropriate gear, such as a PLB and a GPS. Most of these areas have no phone reception. It is also important to check the NSW National Parks website for any track closures or updates.

Filmed and edited by Dean Johnson, narrated by Chloe Symons

Blowering Cliffs

Our favourite hike closest to home, just 20 minutes from the shop, is the Blowering Cliffs Waterfall Walking Track. The Blowering Cliffs tower over Blowering Dam with the rocky outcrops seen from Tumut.

Dom camping at the Blowering Cliffs Walking Track in Kosciuszko National Park

The 5km return walk to see these cliffs up close starts from the car park at Log Bridge Creek picnic area. From here, the track is easy to follow the waterfall. The best time to do this walk is during winter after heavy rain when the ferns are lush and the water is flowing. During the drier months, the falls may be reduced to barely a trickle. Although it is still worth visiting for the views across Blowering Dam.

Learn more about Blowering Cliffs Walking Track.

Old Currango Homestead

We couldn’t have a list of the best hikes in Kosciuszko without including a hut and we think one of the best huts in Kosciuszko is Old Currango Homestead. This charming homestead is the oldest remaining building in Kosciuszko National Park. The hut overlooks the Brindabella ranges and Currangorambla Plain, an incredibly scenic location. There are a few different routes to take to Old Currango. The most accessible and shortest is from Tantangara Dam on the Port Phillip fire trail. Take a GPS with you as the track is undefined in some sections.

Learn more about Old Currango Homestead

Doods camping at Old Currango Homestead in Kosciuszko National Park

Millers Hut

Another hut that is worth a visit is Millers Hut. It is only 1km off the Port Phillip fire trail, so for some, it may not count as a hike. However, for others, it’s the perfect off-grid location for lunch or a cuppa. Even though the car won’t be far away, you’ll feel as if you’re miles from civilisation.

Learn more about Millers Hut

Millers Hut on Long Plain in Kosciuszko National Park

Blue Waterholes

And finally, what we believe is one of the most scenic and unique locations in all of Kosciuszko National Park is Blue Waterholes. This magic area of crystal clear water, caves, towering gorges and even a waterfall is found down Long Plain Road, about 25km from the turnoff on the Snowy Mountains Highway.
There are two unforgettable and unmissable day walks; Clarke Gorge and Nichols Gorge. Both walks are well-marked and easy to navigate.

Hiking in Clarke Gorge at Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park

The Clarke Gorge walking track takes you down through the gorge, where at the end of the track you’ll find Cooleman Falls. It’s a 5km return walk with lots of water crossings. Wear shoes that can get wet otherwise, you’ll be taking your boots off and putting them back on numerous times.

Doods crossing Cave Creek at Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park

The Nichols Gorge walk is a 7km loop that follows Cave Creek, usually flowing underground. Bring a head torch to explore the two caves Cooleman Cave and Murray Cave, and stop to marvel at the stunning views back towards Clarke Gorge.

Learn more about Blue Waterholes

Nichols Gorge at Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park

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