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Pat at Adelong Falls

Photographing Adelong Falls | Explore With Tom's

There is a wealth of fun in the sun to be found at Adelong Falls, including waterfalls to chase, old ruins to explore and a history of gold mining to learn. Not to mention the abundant swimming holes to choose from and flora to admire.

Adelong Falls is just outside the historic gold rush town of Adelong, just over 20km from Tumut. The falls can be driven to or walked to via a short 2km hike from town. From the car park, it's a short but steep walk down to the creek and from here, you can rock hop your way down to the falls, explore the ruins or relax by the water. Learn more about Adelong Falls here.

Our 'Explore with Tom's' series is a permission slip to make yourself a cup of tea, curl up somewhere comfortable and tune out while tuning in to nature. Escape from the hustle and bustle of our modern day lives and immerse yourself in the natural world's quietude.

Filmed and edited by Dean Johnson

Featuring Pat Ryan

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