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Mountain Feathertop via the Razorback ridge in Alpine National Park Victoria

Mount Feathertop Hike in Alpine National Park Victoria

Nestled in the heart of Victoria's Alpine region, summiting Mount Feathertop is a must-do for hiking enthusiasts. The traverse along Razorback Ridge took our videographer Dean and his partner Anna to the second highest mountain in Victoria with non-stop panoramic views. 

Filmed by Dean johnson, featuring Anna Tidd

Mount Feathertop via the Razorback Trail is 13.5km from Hotham, a 27 km round trip. Alternatively and if you have a car shuttle or transport arranged, you can follow the Bungalow Spur track down to Harrietville. From Hotham, the trail ascends steadily through the alpine wilderness, leading you to some of the most stunning views in Victoria. You'll be treated to panoramic views of the Victorian Alps, including the Diamantina Spur, the Cobberas, and the Bogong High Plains.

Hiking to Mount Feathertop Via Razorback Ridge

Along the way you have the option of visiting Diamantina Hut, Federation Hut and MUMC hut. Diamantina Hut is the offical track head for this walk, it’s just 3km from Hotham Village. Federation Hut, near the base of the Mount Feathertop, is a little further down the track and is a great spot to camp for the night, especially if the weather is inclement. MUMC (Melbourne University Mountaineering Club) Hut is about 2km from the base of This unique geodesic dome offers an exceptional view of Feathertop and is unlike any other hut you’ll ever see throughout the alpine region.

It's essential to be well-prepared, with proper hiking gear, plenty of water, and some snacks to keep you energised throughout the hike. It's also a good idea to check the weather forecast before setting out, as the Alpine region can experience sudden changes in weather. However, Dean and Anna could not have had more perfect conditions and were able to camp at the foot of Mt Feathertop, the second-highest peak in Victoria.

Camping at the base of Mount Feathertop in the Victorian Alps

Overall, the Mount Feathertop hike via Razorback Trail is an incredible experience for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The stunning scenery and the sense of accomplishment you'll feel at the end of the hike make it a truly unforgettable adventure.

Hiking towards Mount Feathertop on the Razorback Ridge Trail

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