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Hiking to Blowering Cliffs Waterfall | Explore with Tom's

Hiking to Blowering Cliffs Waterfall | Explore with Tom's

The outdoors in winter is often more about the feeling of being immersed in the natural environment, regardless of the conditions. Best enjoyed on a rainy day when the water is flowing is the Blowering Cliffs walking track. 

About Blowering Cliffs 

Blowering Cliffs tower over Blowering Dam, and in the distance, Tumut. In fact, when looking towards the mountains, you can see the rocky outcrops from town. The 5km return walk to see these cliffs up close starts from the car park at Log Bridge Creek picnic area and campground, a 15-minute drive from Tumut along the Snowy Mountains Highway. There is a sign directing you to where the walk starts, and from here the track is easily followed to the waterfall. 

You'll wind through the open montane forest and wade through the ferns until you reach the falls trickling (or, if the weather calls for it, rushing) down the granite cliffs. While steep in sections, you’ll be distracted by the ever-changing views of Blowering Reservoir. You’ll walk to the soundtrack of native honeyeaters, firetails, parrots and raptors and keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos, emus and wallabies. Visit NSW National Parks and Wildlife's website for important track updates and alerts before planning your trip. 

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