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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!
Anna looking up at the karst gorge at Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park

Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park

Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National Park is a bucket list kinda destination with waterfalls, caves, gorges, fossils and swimming holes. The Clarke Gorge Walk and Nichols Gorge Walk are some of the most spectacular hikes in all of Kosciuszko National Park. But there is more than just hiking and cave exploring to be done. Pack your rod and drop a line in, pitch the tent and toast marshmallows by the fire, take a dip for the soul and marvel at the towering limestone cliffs.

About Blue Waterholes

You've watched the video, now you're packing your bags. But where do you find this magical land of blue water and towering gorges? Turn off the Snowy Mountains Highway onto Long Plain Road and follow the signs to Blue Waterholes, around 25km from the turnoff on the highway. The road is unsealed so ensure you are aware of the conditions before heading out, a 4WD is required in wet weather. There is no phone service down Long Plain Road including the Blue Waterholes area, it's a smart idea to carry a PLB or similar. 

Blue Waterholes in inaccessible during the winter months (generally June long weekend to October long weekend). Visit NSW National Park's website before planning your trip to make sure the roads are open, they can close for various reasons at various times of the year.

Fly fishing in Cave creek along Clarke Gorge walking track in Blue Waterholes, Kosciuszko National Park


There are a few options for camping in the Blue Waterholes area. Blue Waterholes Campground is within walking distance of the waterholes and is the most popular campground. There is also Magpie Flat Campground and back down Blue Waterholes Trail is Coolamine Homestead and camping area. Plan and book your camping trip with NSW National Parks

Blue Waterholes Campground, Long Plain, Kosciuszko National ParkBlue Waterholes Campground.

Make sure you carry your own water and firewood with you. There are toilets, but they are beloved high country long drops. And before lighting a fire, be aware of any fire bans that may be in place. 


There are two unforgettable and unmissable day walks; Clarke Gorge and Nichols Gorge. Both walks are well marked and easy to navigate but make sure you have appropriate safety gear should something go wrong as there is no phone service. 

Clarke Gorge Walking Track

  • 5km return
  • Lots of water crossings. Wear shoes that are comfortable when wet as you'll tire of taking your boots on and off.
  • Hiking poles are good for stability when stepping on wet, slippery rocks.
  • At the end of the track, you'll find Cooleman Falls. But, it is a steep, rocky scramble down to the base of the falls. 

Hiking at Blue Waterholes, along the Clarke Gorge Walking track in Kosciuszko National ParkOne of the many creek crossings on the Clarke Gorge Walk.

Nichols Gorge Walking Track

  • 7km loop
  • This walk follows Cave Creek which normally flows underground. Some of the track follows the dry creek bed.
  • Bring a head torch with you to explore the two caves, Cooleman Cave and Murray Cave. 
  • Stop to marvel at the stunning views back towards Clarke Gorge.

Nichols Gorge Walking track at Blue Waterholes in Kosciuszko National ParkThe creek bed forming part of the Nichols Gorge Walking track.

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