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Snow Peak Stainless Steel Pack & Carry Fireplace. Small, medium, large and X-large

Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace - Size Comparison

Outdoor fire pits for camping and backyard gatherings are a hot commodity and Snow Peak has the biggest and best range of portable outdoor fire pits. In fact, their Takibi Pack & Carry Fireplace is the original packable firepit, first designed in the early 1990s and built mostly by hand in Japan (where they are still made today). To learn more about the fireplace you can check out our Takibi guide here.

Choosing the right fireplace for your needs can be tricky, with so much choice. This video will give you a run-through of each size and respective benefits, to help you make a decision.

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Packed Size
Size in Use
Small 35 x 41 x 2.5 cm 27 x 27 x 21 cm 1.8 kg Nylon carry bag N/A
Medium 45 x 51.5 x 3.2 cm 35 x 35 x 24.8 cm 3.5 kg

Nylon carry bag

Base Plate


Grill Bridge

Canvas Carry Case

Large 56 x 64 x 3.2 cm 45 x 45 x 30 cm 5.3 kg Nylon carry bag

Base Plate


Grill Bridge

Iron Grill Plate

Half Grill Stainless

Grill Plate Half Deep Depth

Canvas Carry Case

Fire Ring Table

Field Oven

X-Large 81 x 88 x 4.1 cm 63 x 63 x 44 cm 11 kg N/A Canvas Carry Case
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