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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

Spotters Coyote+ - Glass Black Frame

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Original price $319.95
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Lens Option: Penetrator

The Coyote+ is a Spotters bestseller, for good reason. 

The Coyote+ frame features nice and wide temples that block peripheral glare while providing a comfortable fit. With a large frame size comes a big lens size, offering excellent temple to temple coverage. All these great features in a sleek gloss black frame, you can't go wrong. 

Penetrator Lens

The Penetrator lens is a high contrast, bronze coloured, polarised and photochromatic glass lens. It blocks glare, filters blue light and gives sharp definition. Thus, suitable for all-day, everyday use. Photochromatic technology adapts to all conditions from bright sunlight, reflective glare from snow or water and all conditions from dawn to dusk. They have an instant relaxing feel. 

The Penetrator Lens is perfect for:

  • Foggy conditions
  • Dawn
  • Transitional light e.g. in and out of tree cover
  • Dusk
  • Early morning haze
  • Shadowy conditions

Halide Lens

The World's darkest Photochromatic Polarised Crown Glass lens, the copper coloured lens adjusts to your environment. The polarised lens is specifically designed for people who are sensitive to extreme glare. The copper tint of the Halide lens makes objects sharper, provides better depth perception in water and eliminates eye fatigue. 

The Halide Lens is perfect for:

  • Beach conditions
  • Golf
  • Long drives
  • On the water


  • Metal tin
  • Soft neoprene case
  • Cleaning cloth


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