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Snow Peak Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cook Set 1

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Every camp kitchen needs a great set of pots and pans 

This five-piece collection is the ultimate cookware set for camping, it includes three pots that range in capacity from 3L to 6.6L with adjustable handle, a frying pan, mesh strainer and the handle case doubles as an oven mitt for those “too-hot-to-handle” moments. The wooden handle interchanges between any of the pots and pans and when not in use they can all be stored neatly within each other, perfect saving space when on the road.

Best suited to charcoal and gas cooking, the Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose cooker set 1 is easy to wash and clean. Don’t forget to season your Iron Pan before its first use to increases its lifespan and help create a non-stick coating. 

*Please note, for best results, always follow manufacturer's guidelines regarding cleaning and taking care of your pots and pans. 


  • Five-Piece Collection
  • Best suited to Gas and Charcoal cooking
  • Cleaning:  light soap and water are best. To use to your iron pan, first prep with a thin layer of oil and heating evenly. Seasoning an iron pan helps to create a non-stick coating and also increases its lifespan. To clean, wash with hot water, heat to dry and add a thin layer of oil before storing.  
  • Removable/interchangeable handle


Weight Size  Material

6.6L Pot: D 9" H6.3"

4.3L Pot: D 7.8" H 5.4"

3L Pot D 7" H 4.6"

Pan: D 9.4" H 2"

Mesh Strainer: D 8.4" H 4.3"

Pots: Stainless Steel 0.5 mm Thick

Pan: Black Iron 1.2 mm Thick, Wood Handle 

Mesh Strainer: Stainless Steel