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Scientific Anglers Sonar Leaders

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Sink Rate: Float
Length: 7'

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

The most versatile tool to create different sink rates with any floating line; single or double-handed.

Perfect for single-hand, trout-spey and streamer fishing. If you're swinging soft hackles on the Tumut or stripping big streamers against the banks on the Goulburn, these leaders have the length and sink rate to keep your fly in the fishes face. 

A simple loop to loop connection at the fly-line end means that you can change Sink rates or lengths to suit the conditions with ease. 

FLOAT 10ft, 3m 50gr / 3.2g Float
INTERMEDIATE 10ft, 3m 50gr / 3.2g 1.5 i/s
SINK 3 10ft, 3m 50gr / 3.2g 3 i/s
SINK 6 10ft, 3m 50gr / 3.2g 6 i/s
FLOAT 7ft, 2.1m 35gr / 2.3g Float
INTERMEDIATE 7ft, 2.1m 35gr / 2.3g 1.5 i/s
SINK 3 7ft, 2.1m 35gr / 2.3g 3 i/s
SINK 6 7ft, 2.1m 35gr / 2.3g 6 i/s
  • 10' and 7' floating and sinking leaders for use with double and single-handed lines
  • Built on 25lb. monofilament
  • Welded loop on the butt end
  • SA ID for quick identification of individual leaders