Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Series - Ultimate Trout Fly Line


It's every angler's dream to land a prize trout. You'll be a step closer to your dream with the correct line.

The Sharkwave Ultimate Trout line is built to deliver dry flies gracefully - no matter the distance. In certain situations, the Ultimate Trout will also handle nymphs & small streamers with little trouble. The clever compound design offers enough weight up front to efficiently turn over flies, whilst the extended rear taper will give you superb line control throughout the drift.

  • The combination of both the Sharkskin texturing and Dry Tip technology provides ultimate floatation.
  • The Mastery Textured running line delivers longer casts without any abrasion.
  • A Tactile Reference Point (TRP) is featured - a non-embossed section at the end of the head.
  • Designed for temperate climates.
  • The line will assist with delicate deliveries, even at a distance.
  • A superb dry-fly line with minimal water spray and easy pick-ups.
  • Scientific Anglers ID – SW TROUT WFX F (X = line weight).​

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