OPST Pure Skagit SHS Commando Floating Tips

OPST Pure Skagit SHS Commando Floating Tips


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 The SHS Floating tips are designed for swinging light wet flies, skating steelhead flies on the surface and also nymphing. The OPST come in 7.5,10,12 and 14-foot lengths and weigh 55, 75, 90 and 110 grains respectively.

With these tips, the rod length is more important than the Commando head weight in making a choice. The 7.5 footer is a great choice for 6 through to 8 weight single-handed rods up to about 10 feet, with commando heads from 250 to around 300 grains. The 10 foot is the best choice for switch rods from 10 to 12 feet, with commando heads from about 300 to 400 grains, while the 12 footer excels with rods from around 11 to 13 feet and commando heads 350 to 450 grains.

Their 14 foot SHS tip is for what they consider really long rods from around 13 feet and up. The Grain length of commando head varies for all of these tips, but the 14 footer is primarily meant for heavier heads from 400 to 475 grains.

Commando Floating Tips come with a welded loop at both ends, as well as a line ID on the rear end.

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Single Hand Fly Rods

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Switch and Double Hand Fly Rods

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