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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

Nature Flame Hardwood Charcoal 10kg

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SKU 0799439085589

Cook more efficiently at camp with Nature Flame's premium charcoal.

Nature Flame's Hardwood Charcoal is a fantastic high-quality charcoal made from compressed sawdust with no additives or chemicals. Ideal for camp cooking or use with your Snow Peak Fire Pit, Nature Flame has created a low ash residue, easy to light and long-lasting charcoal for a constant heat output so you can set it and forget it.

The hexagonal shape and hole through the centre of each piece maximise airflow, allowing burn times to exceed 4 hours. So if you're looking for the perfect charcoal for that perfect steak, choose Nature Flame's Hardwood Charcoal.


  • 100% Chemical Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Longer Burning Time
  • Low ash residue
  • Great for all meats and vegetables
  • Good Flame
  • Constant Heat
  • Easy to Light
  • Packed in a 10kg carton box
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 15cm

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