MSR Titan Ultralight Titanium Kettle

An ultra lightweight cooking vessel that's versatile enough to be a pot, mug or a bowl - although it's cleverly disguised as a kettle.

The kettle holds 0.85L of liquid and features a tight-fitting lid and drip-free spout for smooth, effortless pouring. The carefully crafted titanium kettle heats to maximum efficiency, and has a superior strength to weight ratio. You will be amazed by the corrosion resistant and chemically non-reactive properties of the titanium, and not only is this kettle extra durable, it is 45% lighter than aluminium cookware, making it ideal for bare minimalists.

  • Drip-less spout and tight-fitting lid.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Corrosion resistant and chemically non-reactive.
  • Team with Titan Tool Spoon or MSR Folding Utensils (sold separately).