Helsport Varanger Camp 8-10 Person Tent Kit w/Fire


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The Varanger Camp is the perfect base camp setup for winter adventures.

It is designed to fit 8-10 bodies inside, as well as a stove with a fire - to keep you toasty warm. It is truly one of the world's most unique camp set ups. 

The Varanger Camp is our favourite and a bit of an "all rounder" in Aussie conditions. If you love the outdoors as much as we do, you will understand the desire to be outside exploring all year-round.  

Tom's Outdoors are proud to be Australia's only exclusive dealer for Helsport and we have what we can only describe as "the Aussie style Varanger Camp Kit". The kit contains all of the essentials from Helsport's Lavvu range - suitable for your alpine, outback bush or coastal camping adventures! 

It doesn't matter whether you're camping on the South Coast, setting up base camp for a weeks worth of hunting in Victoria or roughing it down south in the Australian Alps during the middle of winter - the Varanger Camp will suit just about anyone. 

If you're not entirely convinced - here are the details.

The tent has been designed with a unique "camp" style entrance - designed specifically to protect the inside during severe weather. The entrance also makes entering & exiting more comfortable... especially in said severe weather.

A mosquito net is attached and several adjustable vents are featured throughout to ensure a sensational indoor climate at all times. The included ground sheet isn't attached to the outer and doesn't necessarily need to be used in every camping scenario.

The lightweight, fire-retardant fabric is durable and suitable for 4-season use - it's perfect for pretty much any Aussie adventure that you can throw at it. 

It's recommended that you use the inner tent on the inside of the outer layer for maximum comfort - although you don't have to if you don't want to. The inner tents are traditionally sold separately to the outer but here at Tom's Outdoors, we acknowledged the many benefits in having one, so we've tossed one into the kit too.

The inner tent is made from a durable polyamide and it is water repellent and fire retardant. The inner tent will keep those pesky insects out, as well as providing good ventilation and helping to reduce condensation. A drying rack is also included and it attaches at the top of the inner, surrounding the flue so that you can conveniently dry items such as gloves and socks.

It's important to note that the outer layer of the Varanger can also be used by itself, without using the inner layer if you so desire. 


"A stove inside a tent? You must be joking!" The truth is, we're not.

In fact, we're completely serious - and it's the part we're most excited about. If you're purposely boycotting those winter adventures because of our friend Jack Frost, then your excuse is no longer valid. 

The Lavvu Stove is a heavy duty stainless steel stove, designed specifically for any of the Helsport's Lavvu tents. The stove is constructed with a telescopic insulating pipe that protects the flame retardant fabric and boasts an adjustable air intake, detachable grill and a large cooking surface on top. The stove and pipe completely disassembles for transport, with stainless steel legs that transform into carrying handles. The stove kit also includes a carry bag for easy storage and transport.

It doesn't take long for the Lavvu Stove to warm up the inside of the Varanger once it's alight. The flat space on the top of the stove is perfect for cooking, with enough space to hold a small kettle, frying pan or pot.

The Australian winter is here to be enjoyed, and the combination of all three pieces in this kit provides you with the ultimate set up for your next winter adventure.

It's so warm, safe & durable - you'll want to set it up in your backyard when you get home too!

The kit includes the Varanger Camp tent, the inner as well as the Lavvu Stove and it is available exclusively from Tom's Outdoors in the Snowy Mountains, Australia. We're currently only stocking in store the Varanger Camp in a 8 - 10 person size, although it is also available in a 4 - 6 and a 12 - 14.

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AREA - 16.40 m2

The OUTER weighs 5.85 kg and is made from fire retardant, 75D Rainguard® 3000m.

The INNER weighs 2.8 kg and is built from a fire retardant, water-resistant 68D Polyester.

The GROUND SHEET (or floor fabric) is made from fire retardant, 70D Polyester 5000m, and weighs 1.5kg. 

PEGS - 1.3 kg.

The POLES are built from aluminium and weigh 1.4 kg. The poles for the CAMP ENTRANCE weigh 70g and are also aluminium. 

The TOTAL WEIGHT is 12.2 kg, although that can vary depending on whether you utilise both the inner & outer. 

The stainless steel LAVVU STOVE has a height of 346 mm and weighs 13.8 kg. Includes a carry bag.