Gear Aid Freesole Shoe Repair 28g


Brand McNett

A quality pair of boots must withstand the vigorous wear and tear that you subject them to.

That is why you need a shoe repair adhesive that works just as hard as you do. Freesole by Gear Aid offers you permanent repair to boots and shoes, no matter where you are. Freesole doesn't just repair, but also adds abrasion resistance, creates durable toe caps and re-builds worn heels for additional shock absorption. The patented urethane rubber formula provides chemical and abrasion resistance and is unaffected by heat or cold. For durability, flexibility and versatility - repair and reinforce your footwear with Freesole.

  • Unaffected by cold, heat or solvents.
  • Cures to a flexible thermoset rubber providing superior adhesion.
  • Minimal shrinkage.

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