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Fulling Mill Mouserat - Premium Fishing Fly


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A dry fly with plenty of potential - we promise we aren't mousing around!

The Mouserat was originally designed for bass fishing, but is increasingly sought after for a multitude of freshwater species including trout and cod.

Here at Tom's Outdoors, we know a premium product when we see one - and for this reason, we are thrilled to be associated with a company that has been producing sensational flies since the 1930's!

Fulling Mill Flies are crafted with superb precision - each one is practically a little work of art, with only the finest materials & hooks utilised in the construction process. A sweet deal right? A range of high quality flies at an affordable price! If that's not enough to sweep you off your feet, the famous 200% Fulling Mill guarantee is sure to leave you flabbergasted. If you aren't happy with the quality your Fulling Mill fly - we will replace it with TWO more, FREE of charge! How fantastic is that?!

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