Flyz Inc Squimp Shrimp

Flyz Inc Squimp Shrimp

Flyz Inc

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Give me one fly on a desert island, and I'd make it a Shrimp

Shrimps or prawns, the family Caridea (we know some fancy Latin), whatever you want to call them, are a staple. They are the Caddis and Mayfly of the freshwater world combined in the salt. Almost every fish in saltwater will eat a shrimp at some stage in their life cycle. Every bread-and-butter species and every flats trophy can be caught with the right shrimp at the right time. 

Well, the Squimp is the perfect mix of all the right shrimps (with a healthy dose of crustacean thrown in), it's up to you how you're going to use it. You could fish it slowly across a coral/rubble bottom for Triggerfish, Blue Bastards or Tuskies. You could chase cruising Golden Trevally pumping nippers on a mud or sand flat. Permit will eat it in the right circumstance, so will GT's and you can bomb deep into a mangrove or any other type of structure and just see what you pull out. Give us a 9wt rod, a good line and a Squimp Shrimp and we could very well concur the world. 

Again the guys at Flyz inc have done a spectacular job with these, tied on a proper Gamakatsu SL113H hooks, with weed guards, tungsten dumbbells, mono-eyes and enough UV trigger points to cause a mild epileptic attack. 

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