Flyz Inc GT Brush Tan

Flyz Inc GT Brush Tan

Flyz Inc

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Fat profiles for Phat fish


It's hard to beat the profile on a brush fly. No matter which angle a fish sees it from it looks like an awesome morsel. Developed for Giant Trevalley that prey on fat little reef dwellers that get caught on a flat at the wrong place at the wrong time; This is also a great fly for Murray Cod in impoundments and rivers. It represents a small baitfish but also crosses over into crayfish/yabbie profile territory; making it super versatile.

These brushes are built tough too, with an excellent mixture of natural and synthetic fibres to give the best movement and durability possible. The guys at Flyz Inc have hooked us up with a kaleidoscope of colours to suit your water conditions and they're all tied on proper Gamakastu hooks to last; also these hooks keel these flies properly, improving their action and eventual catch rate.

Throw them at anything that eats slow chubby fish and see what happens! So far people have caught Mulloway (Jewfish or Cob), Flathead, Bass and plenty of other species on these flies, go add a couple tp the list and let us know how you go!


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