Flyz Inc DB Popper Purple

Flyz Inc DB Popper Purple

Flyz Inc

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Some fish like subtlety, this fly is built for those that don't. If you're chasing big Giant Trevally and Queenfish in the salt or Barramundi and Murray Cod in the fresh, you'll want some big-proper-poppers in your box. The double-barrel popper heads create an awesome thump and spray effect that can imitate anything from a fleeing baitfish to a wounded frog or rat that is crying out to be eaten.

The fish that will eat this fly will also try to destroy it with bony and/or toothy hard mouths, so they're tied tough on Gamakastu SL12S hooks. The guys at Flyz Inc have also resin coated all the connection points on the materials so that you can send this into battle against big Goodoo or GT's again and again and again.  

We stock these bad boys in a big dark profile and a big light profile to suit all water conditions but with a permanent marker, you can freestyle and create your own radical colour combos however you see fit. 

Now get out there and wake up some predators! 

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