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Flyz Inc Alphlexo Crab Tan Skin/Tan Leg Barred

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SKU AC06-2
Hook Size: 2
Weight Option: 4mm Tungsten

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

The perfect saltwater fly.

The Alphlexo Crab is legendary. Developed in a top-secret laboratory by the guides at the Alphonse Fishing Company on the remote fly fishing paradise that is the Seychelles Archipelago. It has been created for one purpose and one purpose only; to catch anything with fins.

The Alphlexo deserves legendary status because we only see a very few flies that are this freakishly effective. On any tropical flat in Northern-Australia from Hervey Bay right round to Exmouth, it will catch essentially any species, Bonefish, Triggerfish, Golden-Trevally, Permit, Black Spot Tusk-Fish, Giant Hearing, Blue Bastards, GT's and anything in between. Down-south off the rocks, beaches and estuary flats it will command attention from Bream, Estuary Perch, Flathead, Whiting, even Australian Salmon will eat them. Anything that eats a crab (and that's A LOT of fish!) will eat this fly.

Flyzinc 'flexos are the original and the best. Tied on Gamakatsu SL11-3H's or SL12's with tough coral/snag guards, built-in weight to suit the size of the pattern and tied tough to be almost indestructible (our record is 10 triggers on one flexo).

Around the world, The Alphlexo is the international standard by which all crab patterns are now measured. I would not feel happy on a flat unless I had 2 dozen Alphlexo crabs in different sizes and colours. If you have a permanent marker you can even create your own combos! Alphlexos simply have 'eat-me' written all over them, stock them in every size, colour and weight combo you need.