Fjallraven Greenland Wax Bag

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Rubbed on and melted in for a water resistant and durable surface.

Many Fjallraven garments feature G-1000 fabric that can be coated in Greenland Wax to further increase 

durability and water/wind resistance, but the wax can also be removed if you're after a more breathable, lightweight fabric so your Fjallraven garments can be worn year-round! 

Made from high-quality paraffin and beeswax, which makes Greenland wax more gentle towards both people and the environment than chemical-based impregnation. A wax block of 100 grams will be enough to wax about ten garments. This wax block comes with a handy bag for safe-keeping and is extremely durable so it can be re-used extensively.

Please Note: These bags come in random colours. 


  • The Greenland Wax is used in all our G-1000® products
  • The wax will over time be worn and the product will partly loose some of its functionality
  • It is therefore our recommendation that you re-wax your product regularly