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Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!
Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!

DMM Wire Torque Nut Set 1-4

by DMM
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Because of their shape, Wired Torque nuts can be used in multiple orientations, giving you a range of placement options. They can be used to protect parallel sided cracks and are constructed of lightweight aluminium. Wired Torque nuts are light weight however still have a 14kN strength rating.

Wired Torque nuts work in all conditions and are especially useful in winter, when icy cracks cannot be protected with cams. The wire that replaces the sling in the traditional Torque nuts make Wired Torque nuts more resistant to accidental axe strike and easier to place above your head.


Product Name Colour Strength Weight Dimensions
Wired Torque Nut 1 Green 12kN 69g 31 / 41mm
Wired Torque Nut 2 Red 12kN 86g 36 / 49mm
Wired Torque Nut 3 Gold 12kN 114g 44 / 59mm
Wired Torque Nut 4 Blue 12kN 161g 54 / 71mm
Wired Torque Nut Set 1-4 Assorted 12kN 430g 31 - 71mm