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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bass Bug Fly Line

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SKU 139434
Weight: WF-6-F

Scientific Anglers Bass Bug fly line has a similar design to their Titan long, but featuring specialised warm-weather coating built to withstand hot temperatures. Designed with large or smallmouth Bass in mind these are the first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive. If you feel the need to throw big flies for bucket-mouths, then this is the line for you.


  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability.
  • Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation.
  • Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts.
  • Designed specifically for throwing large, air resistant dry flies and streamers for bass in rivers, lakes and ponds.
  • Overweight by two line sizes to assist in loading rods and turning over heavy rigs; use designated line weight for your rod.
  • Features a specialised warm-weather coating for fishing in high temperatures.
  • For use in moderate and hot climates.
  • Braided multifilament core.


 Line Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight
WF-6-F 43.0' / 13,1m 90' / 27,4m 210gr / 13,6g
WF-7-F 43.0' / 13,1m 90' / 27,4m 240gr / 15,6g
WF-8-F 43.0' / 13,1m 90' / 27,4m 280gr / 18,1g
WF-9-F 43.0' / 13,1m 90' / 27,4m 330gr / 21,4g

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