If you're looking for a bomb-proof 4-season tent or a simple spring sanctuary, you've come to the right place. At Tom's Outdoors, we stock a range of high-quality, innovative shelters - after all, we know that your tent will become your home away from home. Our range includes rugged 4-season tents, lightweight 3-season tents & ultralight shelters.

Helsport Lofoten X-Trem 3 Person - Expedition Tent


Helsport Himalaya 2 X-Trem - Expedition Tent


Helsport Lofoten Superlight Camp - 3 Season Tent

from $1,649.00

Helsport Himalaya Pro 2 - 4 Season Tent


Helsport Varanger Outer + Pole Only

from $1,299.00

Helsport Ringstind Superlight - Ultralight 3-Season Tent

from $1,099.00

Helsport Reinsfjell 2 - 4 Season Tent


On Sale

Helsport Lofoten Pro Camp - 4 Season Tent

from $999.00 $1,299.00

Sold Out

Helsport Ringstind Pro 2 - Lightweight 4-Season Tent

Sold Out

Mont Moondance 2 Tent - 2 Person 1.9 kg 3-Season Tent


Rab Unishelter Classic Bivy


Snow Peak Lago Pro Air 1 - Lightweight 1 person tent


Mont Moondance 1 Tent - 1 Person 3 Season 1.5kg Hiking Tent


Sold Out

Exped BivyBag VentAir/PU - Waterproof Breathable Bivy Bag

Sold Out

Helsport Tent Footprint


MSR Universal Tent Footprint - Convenient Floor Protection

from $83.45

Sold Out

Sea To Summit Ground Control Tent Pegs 8pc

Sold Out

MSR Blizzard Tent Stake

from $13.95

Sold Out

MSR Cyclone - Ultimate Soft Soil Tent Stake 1pc

Sold Out

MSR GroundHog Tent Stake


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