Snow Peak


Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Insulated Mug w/ Folding Handle


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A hot cuppa in the morning is almost a necessity, yet beware... the morning chill can be quick to claim the heat from your warm cup of tea.

A double-walled titanium mug will fend off the cold, ensuring that the contents stays warm for much longer - so that you can enjoy your morning beverage, stress free. The double-walled titanium construction offers unrivalled insulation, sensational heat retention and in fact - titanium is 45% lighter than steel & much stronger than aluminium - so if you want lightweight durability, look no further.

The Double-Wall Mug is available in 300ml, 450ml & 600ml sizes.

The 300ml is the perfect size for your morning cuppa and weighs only 106g.

The 450ml is a generous size, with enough room for a cup of soup, noodles or hot drinks. It weighs in at 118g.

The 600ml is large enough to eat soups, noodles or stews from and weighs 145g .

  • The rim of the mug is designed for easy drinking & comfort around the mouth.
  • A folding handle saves space when not in use.
  • Available in 3 sizes - 300ml, 450ml & 600ml.
  • Made in Japan.