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Mont Adventure Equipment has always existed to make something better.

After years of frustrations with the poor quality of adventure clothing & equipment available, Monty had enough & made something better, something he could rely on. In 1978, using his brother’s sewing machine, he made himself a sleeping bag, down jacket & tent. Friends were impressed by his creations, & commissioned pieces.

A reputation for quality gear quickly spread & in 1981 Mont Adventure Equipment was founded.

While Mont has long since outgrown Monty's small unit in Canberra, Australia, he still directs the company & works closely with a passionate team on the design, testing and manufacture of all Mont products. As dedicated adventurers ourselves, quality is never compromised just to save a few cents.

To this day Mont Adventure Equipment is still privately owned, based in Australia, fiercely independent & totally committed to providing something better for you, the adventurer.

Mont Moondance 2 Tent - 2 Person 1.9 kg 3-Season Tent

Original price $889.95 - Original price $889.95
Original price
$889.95 - $889.95
Current price $889.95

This tent fulfils the ultralight desires of the modern adventurer while maintaining extreme waterproof performance The Mont Moondance 2 Tent has ...

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