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Update on Covid-19 Restrictions
Update on Covid-19 Restrictions

Loop Opti K2 Series - Fly Fishing Rod

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$649.00 - $649.00
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SKU OPK2-3100-4
Model: 3100 (#3 Line / 10' Length / Medium Fast)

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The ultimate lightweight, trout-specific fly rod

Loop have listened to the Angling community and recognised the demand for a lightweight, trout-specific fly rod to tackle tricky streams and precise fishing conditions. Through extensive testing around the world, Loop have produced the ultimate responsive action trout rod, introducing the all-new Opti K2 single-handed fly rod series. Available in various lengths, weights and actions there is a model to suit any style of trout fishing.  


A dedicated Euro-nymphing rod offering first-class drift control. Loop have designed the 3100 with a down locking reel seat and narrow half-wells for increased stability and maximum sensitivity. The 3100 works like a charm for dry fly fishing as well, with a smooth action and great reach this rod will catch fish in all kinds of water.


Ideal for tight streams and spooky fish, this rod specialises in elegant presentations, thin leaders and intense accuracy. If technical fishing in small waters is your bread and butter then you will love the 388.


Being the bigger brother of the 388, the 490 excels in delicate water, where thin leaders and perfect presentations are necessary. This rod accommodates a smooth tempo and can cover distance when required.


A mid-strength rod that loves a smooth cast and careful presentation. Rig-up with a thin leader for maximum accuracy and the best possible presentation. When bringing a fish to the net you'll feel its full wrath right down to the cork.


With a focus on versatility, this fast-action 5 weight is an absolute all-rounder. You'll have to keep some line-free, and your loops tight to keep up with the faster tempo of the 590F. From big flies to smaller streamers this rod is what you make it.


Great for a number of fishing conditions, the 596 works well with larger imitations on quiet water, sinking lines, and throwing dries, streamers, or nymph rigs considerable distances. The 596 can handle loads of line in the air and covers short distances just as well as it does long.


The 696 is the heaviest of the Opti K2 series and loves to show off its powerful design. This rod performs well with all things big, whether it be heavy streamers, large dries, or long distances, the 696 will get you over the line. Cut through wind, and go head to head with chunky trout with the top-of-the-line 696.


  • Blank in aesthetic deep gunmetal grey
  • High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements
  • Triangular aluminium reel seat in bright anodized finish
  • Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides with double coating 
  • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections
  • Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag
  • Designed and developed in Sweden
 Model Length Line# Tempo Weight (g) PCS
3100 10' 3 MF 88 4
388 8'8" 3 MF 82 4
490 9' 4 MF 83 4
590MF 9' 5 MF 88 4
590F 9' 5 F 90 4
596 9'6" 5 MF 93 4
696 9'6" 6 MF 99 4