Exped Sleep

Exped SynMat UL - Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat

from $249.95

Exped SynMat HyperLite Winter - 4 Season Sleeping Mat

from $259.95

Exped MegaMat Duo 10 LW - Self Inflating Sleeping Mat for Two


Exped MegaMat 10 LXW - Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat


Exped SynMat HyperLite Duo - Double Sleeping Mat


Exped SynMat 7 Sleeping Mat

from $199.95

Sold Out

Exped SynMat 9 Sleeping Mat - Long Wide

Sold Out

Exped SynMat HyperLite - Lightweight 3-Season Sleeping Mat


Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag UL

from $59.95

Sold Out

Exped Sleeping Mat Repair Kit

Sold Out

Exped Coupler Kit - Universal Mat Coupler


Exped DownMat HyperLite Winter - Lightweight Down Insulated Sleeping Mat

from $349.95

Exped Lightweight Air Pillow

from $49.95

Exped MegaMat Lite 12 LXW


Exped DownMat 7 - Down Insulated Sleeping Mat

from $299.95

Exped DownMat 9 - Down Insulated Sleeping Mat

from $329.95

Exped Mega Pillow - Large Fleece-Padded Air Pillow


Sold Out

Exped SynMat UL Winter M Sleeping Mat

Sold Out

Exped DownMat UL Winter - Ultralight Down Insulated Sleeping Mat


Sold Out

Exped BivyBag VentAir/PU - Waterproof Breathable Bivy Bag

Sold Out

On Sale

Exped Comfort Series - Down Insulated Sleeping Bag

$349.00 $429.95

Exped SIM UL 3.8 - Affordable Lightweight Sleeping Mat


Exped SIM 3.8 - Self Inflating Sleeping Mat


Exped Waterbloc - Waterproof Sleeping Bag


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