Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line Lake Taper

Sink Rate

We accept Afterpay and Zip ($100min/$1000max)

A Great Sinking Line, from six-inches to 15 feet. 

The Airflo Sixth sense is a rock-solid base to build up your lake fishing arsenal around. With a range of lines from Intermediate to sink 8*, these lines have whatever depth, speed or type of retrieve covered. If your stripping wets, hanging nymphs or bouncing off the bottom there is a line in the range for you. 

Having multiple sinking lines for lake fishing is definitely recommended; you can switch out to a heavier line as you approach different water or lighten up if you want to slow things down and hang flies in a fishes face. With built-in hang markers to let you know how far away from the boat or bank your flies are and how deep youre running, these lines make short work of technical lake fishing.