250km north of the Arctic Circle in Karesuando, Sweden - it is well known that the most important tool you can carry in the wilderness is a knife.
Having a high quality knife that is well adapted to extreme climates is important to consider, and in Karesuando, knives are made to endure barren, arctic conditions, northern lights and midnight suns. 

Most Karesuando knives are fitted with an outstanding stainless steel blade hardened to HRC57. 
It has just the right hardness to make is stay sharp and still it’s easy to clean and sharpen. Compared to a carbon steel blade it will stay sharp immensely longer, but a more refined blade is obviously in another
price range. Most of our blades are hardened to HRC57 or even harder, and consequently we recommend sharpening with diamond or ceramic sharpening stones.
A really good knife will become your constant companion and stay with you for the rest of your life. Karesuando knives are shaped by centuries-old craft traditions and genuine natural ingredients and since the beginning, Karesuando have produced 200,000 knives and over 1 million blades.